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Being an agent of Consinee, Topline and ICCI give us flexibility about sourcing the right yarn for our customer demands. Lova Tekstil

When it is requested we have access to BSCI, Sedex, GOTS RWS, OCS, Oeko-Tex certified manufacturers.


Lova Tekstil is the sole agent of Consinee Group in Turkey. Consinee is a one of the important manufacturers of luxurious yarns in the world. Group has been making its production under 3 brands; Consinee, Topline and ICCI.

Consinee offers classical luxurious yarns in woollen and worsted systems, in different counts pure cashmere, rich cashmere, silk, yak, superfine merino wool blends.. Company also offers GOTS, GRS, RWS certified yarns. Company also offers traceable cashmere, which allows all customers to trace where the fibre comes from. Company offers great stocks service for its yarn collection. Minimum order quantity is 1 kg for all stock colours….

Topline is the Group’s fancy yarn division and the company offers luxurious fancy yarn. In our collection you can find pure cashmere boucle yarn, rich cashmere, silk, kid mohair, baby alpaca superfine merino wool yarns. Topline  also offers GOTS, GRS, RWS certified yarns. Topline offers full stock service for its whole collection. Minimum order for stock supported yarns are 1 kg per colour.

ICCI is another fancy yarn division of the Group which offers more budget products. Like Consinee and Topline, the company offers stock service for its yarn collection.

Please contact us for more information, colour cards and samples requests….



Lova Tekstil deals with many manufacturers in Turkey to reach optimum delivery, quality and price targets. We are specialised in heavy gauge socks production like 3, 6, 9 gauges. Also we produce different type of products like home socks, sleeping socks, travel socks, tights, etc. In yarn wise we can also offer lambswool, cashmere, cotton, silk and other blends…

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